Nicola Marcello D'Amico is the son-in-law of Alfred and Anne Burt. Nick and Diane have both taken the task of continuing to keep the light of the wonderful Alfred Burt Carols burning brightly for generations to come. The music has a special place in the hearts of many who have found them to be an inspiration. In 1980, Nick met Diane and discovered her father's music. He found the harmonies to be wonderfully concieved and took time from his own musical endeavors to insure the carols would continue to be among the favorites at Christmas. In 1995, Nick remastered the 2 popular recordings, "The Christmas Mood" (1954 LP of The Columbia Choir and Ralph Carmichael Brass Ensemble) and "This Is Christmas" (1964 Grammy Nominated LP of The Voices Of Mimmy Joyce). Nick produced the 2009 Grammy listed CD, "A Christmas Present From The Caroling Company" which features 8 of the 15 Burt Carols. He also produced the Alfred Burt Carols Golden Anniversary Collection, featuring some of the greatest recording artists of our time. Nick plans to continue producing recordings of the carols.

Nick is a jazz recording artist and has a new CD coming out soon, Evolution II, a latin-jazz recording of original songs, on which he plays piano, vibraphone, flute and percussion. He also sings lead on the tracks, which are graced by the backup vocals of his wife, Diane Burt. You can experience more of Nick's music at his website:

Nick D'Amico & Diane Burt